Bill Breeze Park

Bill Breeze Park is the city’s largest venue for non-sporting events which can go right to the water’s edge by closing Lakeshore Drive (requires City Commission approval).

East of Bill Breeze Park, just across the road from Bill Breeze Park, along the shore of Starke Lake are three lakeside pavilions with access to electrical power, picnic tables, charcoal grills, and more.
Bill Breeze Park includes:
  • A large open field
  • A Gazebo with fixed bench seating, capacity of 50 persons, that can be readily expanded to 200 persons by adding chairs
  • Restrooms
  • Access to electric power (through prior arrangement).


Bill Breeze Park is bordered on the east by Lakeshore Drive. The area between this local street and Starke Lake is a separate facility, called Lakefront Park. This park extends from, but does not include, the Boat Ramps and Dock on the north end to the Fishing Pier on the south. Lakeshore Drive is part of this park. Large events can go right to the water’s edge by closing Lakeshore Drive, which requires City Commission approval of a special event permit that will generally also involve rental of Lakefront and Bill Breeze parks.
Park Location Map