Other Building Spaces

The Community Center features other key spaces that are both standalone elements and complementary of the main event spaces.


The Foyer serves as the main entrance to the Community Center and provides access to all other event spaces and supplemental elements, such as the facility office and restrooms.

The foyer includes three wall-mounted digital signage monitors that can display messages for your event guests and participants. Space has been provided on either side of the main Banquet Room entrance to accommodate registration tables and event accessories.

Community Center Foyer

Community Center Foyer


The state-of-the-art kitchen features:
  • High-volume ice maker
  • Portable prep tables
  • 3-compartment sink
  • Advanced programmable combo oven
  • Double-width food warmer with provided roll-in carts
  • Double-width refrigerator with provided roll-in carts
  A separate pantry is available for beverage cooling and preparation. The kitchen has direct access to the loading dock, which also doubles as an outdoor cooking area for on-site preparation of barbecue or grilled meats.

Community Center Kitchen

Lakeshore Center Kitchen


On the lakeside of the building is the outdoor plaza, which expands the available space to accommodate additional activities. Anchoring points have been built into the patio flooring to support the use of tents as large as 20 feet by 40 feet. Speakers located along the adjacent porch, which provides an additional outdoor event space, can extend elements of the indoor program to outdoor participants.

Supplemental seating can be provided to create a special space for an intimate wedding or establish the feel of an outdoor cookout meal.

Brides Dressing Room

Inside the Community Center near the Lobby and Ladies restroom there is the brides dressing room. Amenities include large mirror, seating for many, and lighted vanity mirror on wall mounted swing arm.

Community Center Plaza

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Community Center Brides' Dressing Room

Lakeshore Brides Dressing Room