Ready Rooms

Both Ready Rooms 1 and 2 in the Withers - Maguire House are not part of the House that can be separately rented; they are assigned exclusively for use with Community Center wedding rentals. In instances where the Withers - Maguire House is not rented along with the Community Center, the Community Center Meeting Room will be setup as the Groom’s Room and the Bride's Room is down the hall just past the foyer.

Ready Room 1

Located on the first floor, is used to serve as a preparation and recovery space for the bride and her wedding party. This room has a separate outside entrance on the east side of the House with a direct walkway to the Community Center.

Ready Room 2

Located on the second floor, is used to serve as the Groom's preparation space and uses an isolated entrance to ensure the separation of bride and groom until after the wedding ceremony. The Ready Room on the second floor is not available for Community Center events other than weddings or when the house is rented for an event.
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